Holyoke Tuesday Intern Spotlight

Through the Holyoke Homegrown Talent Initiative students get the opportunity to explore career choices outside of the traditional classroom. This ten part series will spotlight ten junior and senior interns who leave the traditional for more than one class period a day and learn what life will be like once they hit the work force. Look for more Holyoke Tuesday Intern Spotlights each Tuesday at Noon.

Meet Jaxson Hutches

Internship HighlightsJaxson attends an internship with Holyoke Community Federal Credit Union.
What have you learned?"I have learned a lot from interacting with my internship so far things like workplace ethics, hard work, and many other things. To dive a little deeper into this subject I don't necessarily have many goals but just to diversify my understanding of the many career paths available to me and to see if there's anything I enjoy."
Career ExplorationIt is nice to have a proper professional workplace when I'm teller. I have to be professional and affirming and do my best to help the patron [while] also working on my customer service skills.

A huge thank you to Holyoke Federal Credit Union for allowing this partnership to happen and our students to learn and grow.