Dragon Pride


During the 3 sports seasons we offer golf, football, volleyball, softball, basketball, wrestling, swimming, baseball, track, and cheer for students.


More than 20 Master Degrees held by staff members.


More than 50 Promethean Panels installed in the district. At least one in every classroom.


High School students are required to get 56 credits to earn a diploma. There is an ever evolving course selection for students to receive these credits.

SB 191

TS Gold Innovation School We were granted an exemption from SB 191, freeing our staff to focus on standards, curriculum and assessment design


The Holyoke School District covers about 540 square miles serving over 600 students K-12. There are 2 buildings, Elementary K-6 and JR/SR High School 7-12.


Starting salary for first year teachers is above $34k. Holyoke offers a low cost of living in northeast Colorado. It is about 180 miles from Denver.

4.6 million

The school secured a grant and bond to make $4.6 million worth of infrastructure updates to the physical plant for ADA compliance, safety and energy cost savings.