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White school bus



The bus operator must have complete control of the school bus and the passengers to insure safety for all of the students.  You, as parents, can assist by requiring that your child/children comply with the bus driver and the regulations.

To be eligible to ride a school bus, a student must abide by the following

Safe riding rules:

  1. Enter the bus quietly and sit flat on the seat inside the seat compartment.

  2. Use kind words to talk with other people riding the bus.

  3. Keep all items, including your body, inside the bus.

  4. Be kind and respectful of others by keeping your hands to yourself.

  5. Absolutely no BULLIES!  Tell your driver if someone is behaving like a bully.

  6. Be careful not to distract your driver with loud or inappropriate language or behavior.

Thank you for keeping the bus ride safe and enjoyable for everyone.

Remember that the bus driver may make special rules for special situations.

The student will be verbally warned that he/she is violating a rule.  If the violation continues, their name will be written down with details of the problem.  Parents will be notified after each written warning.  Any violation may result in suspension of transportation privileges. Disobedience of a very serious nature may result in immediate loss of transportation privileges.

Any liquids that are to be consumed on the bus need to be in unbreakable resealable containers.