Student Data Privacy

We take student data privacy very seriously in the Holyoke School District.  Safeguarding student data is an essential responsibility for all Holyoke Re-1J employees.  Our schools and staff follow our Student Data Privacy training and guidance process to ensure that all Holyoke staff are:

  1. Protecting student data

  2. In compliance with Colorado state and federal laws regarding student data privacy

Public Transparency

The Colorado Department of Education (CDE) collects student data from students across Colorado to meet specific policy, practice, and service requirements of state and federal laws.  We collect and submit DPS student data to CDE based on their requirements and procedures.  CDE provides a Data Collection Fact Sheet of what type of information is collected as well as an overview of the Data Elements Collected in Data Collection System to meet state and federal reporting mandates.

Parent Consent – On-Demand Service Providers

If a vendor has not signed the Data Protection Addendum then it is considered to be an on-demand service provider.  Parent/guardian consent is required at the school level before student data can be shared with on-demand service providers. Parent consent is given each school year through the Annual Family Update.  As new tools are added by your school, parents/guardians will receive notifications from their school so they have the opportunity to provide consent. For a list of approved providers click here (this link will take you outside of the school district website).

flow chart to see if an app needs approval