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The District

Holyoke School District covers approximately 540 square miles and educates around 600 students K-12. The district has two buildings, a K-6 facility and 7-12 facility. The school also operates an alternative school supporting students in grades 7-12 who are in need of a different method of instruction.

Holyoke is proud of its diversity. The district is one of the few ethnically diverse school districts in Northeastern Colorado with almost half of its students Hispanic and the other half mostly Caucasian and other ethnicities, and over 20% of the overall school population receives direct services in our ESL program. About half the school population is eligible for free or reduced price meals. The district appreciates diversity and believes in providing the most diverse experiences for students including full-time aft, music and PE programs K-12, the most choices for sports in the region, plays, a television studio, and a full Career and Technical Education program and service clubs.

The community is very proud and supportive of the school district and its accomplishments both academically and in extracurricular activities. The community is very generous. Several thousands of dollars of gifts are accepted each year and our students fell the support feel attendance at our various activities as well. It is not uncommon to find most of the town at the evening school events. 

The Community

Map of North East Colorado

Holyoke is located in beautiful Northeast Colorado.

Holyoke is located at the crossroads of US Highways 6 and 385 in northeast Colorado, approximately 180 miles from Denver, and is the heart of Phillips County. The community is a rural community of over 2,000 citizens who make their living in agriculture or agriculture-related and support businesses. Residents are justly proud of their prosperous, progressive city, located in one of the best farming areas of the state.

Holyoke is a community that care about each other.

Agricultural production is the primary industry in Phillips County, with Holyoke being home to approximately 160 businesses, with a high per capita income from agriculture. This is largely attributable to the development of irrigation during the past 30 years for the production of cash crops such as beats, beans, corn, and wheat. 

Residents and visitors alike praise the community’s well-kept appearance and visitors are impressed by the beautiful lawns and trees in the city. Holyoke has excellent health care facilities including a hospital, clinic, nursing home and assisted living facilities as well as an airport. Holyoke boasts many fine recreational facilities including and indoor swimming pool used year-round by the schools and community, a municipal golf course, a movie theater (showing movies in English and Spanish) and parks. Several lakes are within a short drive of Holyoke. These facilities offer some of the best conditions for fishing, boating and waterskiing.

Careers in Holyoke

Holyoke School District Mission Statement. Graduate every student prepared with the  necessary knowledge, skill, and character to find success in life.

Holyoke Mission Statement


The Holyoke School District provides a positive and stimulating learning experience under the guidance of a knowledgeable and dedicated staff with high expectations for all students. The District offers an innovative curriculum and flourishes due to strong partnerships with parents and the community. The District graduates students who have developed into self-sufficient, highly motivated, independent critical thinkers who respect cultural differences, are adaptable to change, have positive self-esteem, and have secured the necessary skills to succeed as productive citizens.

Professionals Valued

As a teacher you have 9 personal days to use at your discretion. We believe that teachers want to be in the classroom, but when family and personal matters require you to be out of the building, you need the support of your employer. Our principals work with their teachers to support them in these cases or for a few minutes here or there. We also have progressive maternity and paternity policies. Our district also has an annual survey and utilizes several committees to be sure that teachers’ voices are heard and that classroom views are honored in policy development and there is a

4 day work week!

Opportunities Abound

Students in Holyoke have many opportunities to find their strengths. We offer full K-12 art, music and PE programs. Students have multiple choices for sports each season and our clubs compete nationally each year. The Jr./Sr. High has its own TV studio and we also have opened an Alternative School for those who need it.




TV Productions




Select Choir

Jazz Band


Boys Basketball

Track & Field



Girls Basketball

Boys Golf




Girls Golf

A Community Full of Support

As a teacher in the district, you will immediately feel the support of the community with outstanding participation at conferences and volunteers everywhere you turn. Our community passed a bond for safety and security updates to the JR/SR high school and a mill levy override for the schools focused on teacher, technology, and other critical repairs.

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