Get Moving Training!

On Saturday, October 7, six members of the Holyoke High School Staff participated in a special training on incorporating movement into the classroom. The staff members in attendance were Mrs. Mallari, Mr. Kramer, Mr. and Mrs. Schroetlin, Mr. Zilla, and Mr. Betley. The organization that did the training was the Colorado Health Foundation. One idea that the organization taught the staff was to give students three minutes in class to wind down from their work. According to studies, the physical movement is supposed to improve grades by increasing brain activity. Mrs. Schroetlin was one of the staff members at the training. According to Mrs. Schroetlin, she learned some new things, but some of the things she already knew from past trainings. Her favorite part was when the staff played volleyball together because some of them got really competitive. The best part of the entire training was when the organization gave each teacher $400.00 to spend on athletic equipment for their classrooms. The training was awesome, and Mrs. Schroetlin hopes more teachers will be able to attend similar trainings in the future.