January Students of the Month

Deacon Dittmer is the High School Student of the Month. He was nominated by Mr. Balog:

"Deacon Dittmer has grown up to be an impressive young man. All students experience tests and trials in their lives outside of the classroom while in high school and Deacon is no different. However, the impressive attitude and work ethic that Deacon brings to my classroom are impressive and worthy of celebration. Not only is Mr. Dittmer setting a great example for his peers in class, he is actively making them better. I have witnessed on several occasions Deacon genuinely talking with students who need positive interaction the most. This could be Deacon’s greatest gift, his ability to share his joy and optimism to all those around him. To excel as an athlete, and student, while still finding the strength to make a positive impact every day is admirable. Simply put, Deacon Dittmer has impressed and I am sure will continue to impress me not only as a student but as an outstanding young man."

Isaac Strauss is the Junior High School Student of the Month. He was nominated by Mrs. Bieber:

"Isaac displays RISE to Excellence on a daily basis. He always comes to class prepared with his assignments completed. He is polite and respectful not only to adults but also to his peers. If I am working with another student, Isaac continually volunteers to help his peers if they need it. He is an extremely hard worker, volunteers to answer questions, and uses his class time wisely. Isaac is a wonderful example to others because of his positive attitude and dedication to learning."