Business Students Visit Amazon and Hammonds

Mrs. Nelson’s high school business students recently had an opportunity to tour the Amazon Fulfillment Center in Thornton and Hammond’s Candy factory, located in Denver.

Holyoke’s students were one of the first groups to get a tour of the Amazon center which was built in 2018, with tours only being allowed the week before Holyoke arrived.  Some of the things the students got to see in this four-story 855,000 square foot facility included hundreds of robots move products around, yellow tubs moving along conveyor belts everywhere, and workers picking products, packaging, and inspecting.

The Holyoke business students were also able to visit Hammond’s Candy factory, a 100-year old small family business.  They watched factory workers make and hand-shape candy canes and stretch taffy.  They also visited the on-site candy and gift store where they enjoyed lots of sweet treats.  Hammonds is the largest handmade factory in the United States.