Gifted and Talented Classes

GT classes, short for Gifted and Talented classes, were created for students that show phenomenal academic strength. These classes were created for specific students that need challenges to push them and find their full potential. Students from grades 3rd-12th are able to participate in GT classes. Participants who have been acknowledged as gifted and talented have already received letters to shed light on their unique academic minds. If there are still openings after these students have been enrolled, then GT classes will be offered to other high achieving students. Students enrolled will participate in extra classes and work. This is not supposed to be a burden on these students, but a way to help them reach their full potential. It is important that these kids are given the opportunity of extra knowledge to help them succeed as well as they possibly could in life with their academic strength. If you have any questions about the classes, you can talk to Mrs. Loutensock.