Walk to School Day

On Wednesday October 5, 2017 kids of all ages participated in Walk to School day. This day is a special time that allows kids to ride bikes, walk, or jog to school. Any student can participate in this activity. It shows that walking to school can be an easy way to stay active as well as a way to save money on gas/cars. As a finale for the day, all the Holyoke School students walked around the track. Walking around the track was the kickoff for the 100 Mile Club, but also a way to celebrate the annual Walk to School Day. Many kids enjoyed running as many laps as they could, while others walked and chatted, enjoying the fall day with a simple stroll. The afternoon eventually ended with laughs and smiles as we walked back into the school. Everybody is excitedly looking forward to next year's Walk to School day and the great time they will have!

Photo Credits: Holyoke Enterprise