Draft Holyoke School District Re-Entry Plan

Please find a DRAFT Holyoke School District Re-Entry Plan attached for your review.  The Holyoke School District is committed to safely and effectively being able to have both students and staff re-enter the school starting in August as the district calendar indicates.  We anticipate that this re-entry plan will change over the next three weeks and will need to be modified based on state, regional and local agencies updating or changing mandates, requirements and best practices. 

DRAFT Holyoke School District Re-Entry Plan

Please contact your child's building administrator if you are considering online learning as an option for the fall and please feel free to contact any school administrator with concerns or additional questions regarding this draft of the re-entry plan.  

The Spanish copy of the re-entry plan will be released on Tuesday, July 28th, 2020 in an effort to obtain questions and concerns from our Spanish speaking students and their parents as well.