Information about Football This Weekend

Limon High School has provided the following information about the game this weekend.

Parking: Parking for High School football games will be limited. Only our local
ambulance and cars of opposing fans with handicap permits will be allowed to
park on the east side of the football field. Please use the parking lots next to the
school or on the east side of the gym.

Entrance: All opposing fans will enter the through the gates on the east side
of the football field by the playground. All Limon fans will enter through the gate
by the concession stand on the west side of the field.

Capacity: We will be limiting people on each side of the football field. Visiting
teams will be allowed 80 people plus Administration. This does not include
players, coaches, managers, trainers, media, or stat people You must be on the
list to enter Gaskill Field. (Families of Holyoke players and coaches will be given the first opportunity to get a ticket to be on the list. Then, if there are extra, we will open it up to the students and community. You will receive a printed ticket from HHS and need to present your ticket, check your name on the list, and pay admission once you arrive. CHSAA or CHSCAA passes are the only passes that will be honored.)

Streaming: The game will be streamed on the NFHS network by Limon High School. CHSAA requires that all playoff games are streamed on this platform (subscription required).

Concessions: Concessions will not be served

Masks: All spectators will be required to wear a mask due to CHSAA mandates
and guidelines.

Also, cheer tunnels will not be allowed before the game and we are asking that all spectators stay off the field after the game.