HHS Students Featured on The Promise of Colorado

Three Holyoke High School Students were featured on the Web Page, The Promise of Colorado; Senior, Tyler Lamm; Junior, Jaquline Mosqueda; and Sophomore, Citlali Marquez.  

Lamm said, "I am The Promise of Colorado because I want to go to CU Boulder and I want to double major in sports journalism and public relations management with a minor in theater because I just really like talking and I’m good at building relationships with people." View his response here.

Mosqueda said, ""I am the Promise of Colorado because I want to be a paramedic, so that someday I can help those in need." View here response here.

Marquez said, "I am The Promise of Colorado because even though I’m not sure what I want to do after high school, education gives me an opportunity to be what I want." View here response here.