Students Celebrate their Teacher's Accomplishments

Staff often celebrate the successes of the students at Holyoke Elementary School, but this time the students turned the tables and recognized the accomplishments of their teachers. Students signed posters and held a high-five celebration run for the teachers who reached milestone goals in 2017-18. Setting and achieving goals is one of the core principles of our school’s emphasis on visible learning. Staff members model for their students how to accept challenges and obtain a growth mindset. 

Earning masters degrees this year were: Yesenia Bencomo, Tarah Priddy, Sam Distefano, Scott Dille, and Carly Daniel. Emerald Award Winners this year were Cynthia Bahler and Nancy Miles. VFW Teacher of the Year was Kimberlee Bennett. Earning the Excellence in Food Safety Award was the Holyoke Kitchen Staff. School-wide Chromebook roll-out goal was achieved by Chandra Parker and Perry Ingram. Coaching the Girl's Basketball Team to the State tournament was achieved for Mr. Baumgartner. Grant for water-bottle refilling stations was awarded to Laura Loutensock. New Superintendent at Holyoke for 2018-2019 is Mr. Kyle Stumpf.