Yogurt Parfaits for Sale

On January eleventh, yogurt parfaits will be available just outside the band room’s door. They will be priced at three dollars and will be in between third and fourth hour (10:39 - 10:43) and in between sixth and seventh hour (1:53 - 1:57). These parfaits will be sold as a quick snack available to all students and teachers. This makes for a great opportunity for the school since we always have snacks, although not always the healthiest ones. It has great times set throughout the day since people are normally hungriest between third and fourth hour and it will also the catch the people that didn’t get a chance to grab lunch that day. Another great thing about this event is they personally sent out a quiz to the entire high school to decide on the price of their product. This means more people will most likely participate due to the price feeling like it was their choice. Overall, selling yogurts parfaits is an awesome idea.