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Heart Award

Charlee Kleve

JR/SR High School English

Charlee has a hard time saying "no" because she truly cares about the success of our programs and of students.

She has sacrificed lunches, after school time and planning time to be a sounding board for students to talk about their issues or to give them extra time to do work (no always related to her class).

Read Charlee's Special Section in the Holyoke Enterprise

Past Winners

2022 -- Charlee Kleve

2021 -- Juana Ruiz

2020 -- Lynn Schneider

2019 -- Rhonda Mehring-Smith

2018 -- Cynthya Bahler

2017 -- Scott Dille

2016 -- Albino Núñez

2015 -- Maury Kramer

2014 -- Kristie J. Pelle

2014 -- Brett Miles (Dragon Visionary Award)

2013 -- Mary Austin

2012 -- Marcia K. Dalton

2011 -- Verónica Núñez

2010 -- Nancy Pillard


This is open to any employee who demonstrates exceptional caring for a student, student’s family, a group of students or colleagues. The purpose of the award is to demonstrate that many of our employees are in this business to make a difference in the lives of others.