Text reading leader among us award


Lori Nelson

Business Education JR/SR High School

Lori spends much of her time at the school; preparing lessons to give personal feedback for her students, designing and creating t-shirts, with her students, and of course the concession stand for many of the activities going on at the school. She has set up a template for the concessions for all others to follow her lead making sure that all activities run smoothly.

She also takes time to include other students outside her program to give them tasks to meet their needs. Keeping the vending machine stocked has helped one student build skills, take ownership, and feel included.

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This award is open to any employee who provides excellent leadership. Leadership may come in many forms such as: many contributions to committees, mentoring, leading a group through a particular issue, speaking on behalf of others, finding a solution, advocating, inspiring, or any form of leadership. The purpose is to demonstrate that leadership comes at all levels.