Girls Golf Season Update

Friday April 7th Smoky River Golf Course Cheyenne Wells, CO

Team 1. Holyoke 2. Burlington 3. Cheyenne Wells 4. Wray  5. Yuma

Individual Varsity Grace Dille 93 (1st Place) Brenna Sullivan 103 (4th Place) Regan VanOverbeke 113 Dominique Penzing 117 JV Emily Chaney 58 (1st Place) Logan Osborne 59 Anna Jelden 61 Juana Penzing 61

Summary We had wonderful golf weather for this event. Although the course conditions themselves were not the greatest, our girls found a way to manage themselves around the course. Smoky River waters the tee boxes and greens but the fairways were buffalo grass making for some challenging shots. Needless to say we executed very well and finished on top as team for the second tournament in a row. In the process, Grace Dille, 93 and Brenna Sullivan, 103 both posted their career best 18 hole scores. We are improving everyday we step foot on the golf course but there is still so many things we can be better at, consistency being the biggest thing. All of the girls can hit any shot that comes there way, but pulling it off consistently is what is costing us additional strokes. 

Monday April 10th

Prairie Pines Golf Club Burlington, CO

Team 1. Burlington 2. Holyoke 3. Wray 4. Cheyenne Wells 5. Brush 6. Yuma

Individual Varsity Grace Dille 106 (3rd Place) Brenna Sullivan 107 (4th Place) Dominque Penzing 117 Regan VanOverbeke 121 JV Juana Penzing 63 (1st Place) Emily Chaney 64 Anna Jelden 74 Daniela Baeza 75

Summary Weather seems to always be a factor when it comes to golf. The sun was shining but it was deceiving as the wind was blowing 30 mph+ and we started the tournament in the brisk 40's. Although conditions did improve, the weather really wore us down through the first half of the round leaving us quite fatigued as we came in for the finish. This didn't only effect our team but all girls were feeling the wrath of the wind. That being said, everyone had to play in the same conditions and our team fell 4 shots short of taking first place for the third consecutive tournament. This was a day that tested our mental toughness. The tournament was really about who could buckle down and grind through it. We are still making strides everyday we have a club in our hands and will look to improve our consistency and shot making ability this week and next as our next tournament is not until Friday April 21st in Wray. We can all hit the ball but we are just struggling to get the ball in the hole sometimes. All of our flaws can be corrected but will take time and repetition to improve. Like I said before, all of the girls have the shots in the bag, but pulling them off at the proper time seems to be our biggest problem. With time and practice comes consistency and confidence and that is what we will push for these next couple weeks as we approach the latter part of the season.