2017 Emerald Award Winners Honored

In a ceremony on 27 April 2017 Scott Dille, Cristine Mallari, and Yesenia Bencomo were honored by their colleagues and the community for their outstanding service to the school district.

The Nomination Process is very simple.  Only an employee of the school district may nominate any classified or licensed employee.  The nomination should be in the form of a narrative, limited to one page, telling a compelling story as to why his or her fellow employee meets one of the criteria described above.  The community sponsors will select the award recipients.

The Heart Award -- Scott Dille 

This is open to any employee who demonstrates exceptional caring for a student, student’s family, a group of students or colleagues.  The purpose of the award is to demonstrate that many of our employees are in this business to make a difference in the lives of others.

"Both as a teacher and a coach, Scott sets the example of sportsmanship and moral behavior then expects the kids to follow his pattern." - Laura Loutensock, Technology teacher.

"His kindness, acceptance and influence will be remembered by not only our students but by the paras and me for the rest of our lives!" - Nancy Miles, Special Education teacher.

Innovator of the Year Award -- Cristine Mallari 

This is open to any employee who has taken a risk to implement some new initiative, program or strategy based on research or evidence of success.  The purpose of this award is to demonstrate how we value innovation and risk taking in this district, and that takes these pioneers in a district to make progress.

¨She never asks a student to complete anything they are not capable of doing, and at the same time, she raises the bar.¨ - Allie Balog, ESL teacher

¨She is a great example for her students that it is OK to step out of your comfort zone and be daring enough to try something new.¨ - Allie Balog, ESL teacher

¨If you work hard and put your mind to it, you will reach places you never imagined.¨ - Cristine Mallari, Innovator of the Year

Leader Among Us Award -- Yesenia Bencomo 

This award is open to any employee who provides excellent leadership.  Leadership may come in many forms such as: many contributions to committees, mentoring, leading a group through a particular issue, speaking on behalf of others, finding a solution, advocating, inspiring, or any form of leadership.  The purpose is to demonstrate that leadership comes at all levels.

¨She is a leader because she will speak up.  She is a leader because she is a role model to students, staff and parents.  She is a leader because she loves her job and loves kids -- and she want every student to be successful.¨ - Kimberlee Bennett, Fourth-grade teacher

A special thanks to the 2017 Emerald Award Sponsors

Bank of Colorado, Bemis Drug, Brandt Chriopractic, CHS Grainland, City of Holyoke, First Pioneer National Bank, Holyoke Credit Union, Holyoke Marketplace, Holyoke Veterinary Service, Melissa Memorial Hospital, PC Telcom, Peerless Theatre, Powell Seed, Regent Park, and Snapdragon Floral

The district has also launched a website honoring these winners and past winners at: https://sites.google.com/hcosd.org/emerald-awards/home