On Wednesday September 27, the FBLA students went to the Rockies game. The Rockies were competing against the Miami Marlins. Haley Van Overbeke was one out of the 16 HHS students that had the privilege of going. Haley is a freshman in high school and is so far loving FBLA. Haley’s favorite part of the trip was getting to enjoy the game and spending time with her friends. Haley also said it was a great experience because before the game they got to hear from Rockies executives, who gave speeches about what they do and how they got into doing it. While listening to these speeches, Haley said she learned a lot more about jobs and business in general. Haley said the funniest part of the trip was when a random stranger jumped over the barrier between the bleachers and field, and ran across the field while security guards were chasing him. Haley encourages everyone to try FBLA because of all of the awesome experiences.