Guests Tour Holyoke Elementary

Representatives from the Heginbotham Trust and Re-1j Foundation toured Holyoke Elementary School on October 19 to see how students are using the technology purchased with funds they generously donated.

Elementary Principal Mr. Kyle Stumpf said, “The best part of the entire event was how all of our student were able to articulate how they use these items and the excitement they had for showing off the work they have created.”

In classrooms. guests had the opportunity to see how Chromebooks and mobile science labs are being utilized for instruction and practice. After lunch, individual students were invited to demonstrate how technology is expanding their educational opportunities.

John Schneider who attended as a representative of the Heginbotham Trust shared, “I was greatly impressed with the way in which the elementary school has utilized recent donations we have made for both Chromebooks and the science carts.  It was exciting to see the high level of engagement on the part of administration, teachers, staff, and students at all grade levels.  This improved technology certainly has the potential to open new doors and allow students to learn and explore in a variety of ways and at a variety of levels. Seeing both of the science carts in use was also exciting, and it was evident that their mobility will provide an increased opportunity for access and utilization to the entire elementary school.”

Holyoke School District is very appreciative of the ongoing support from the Heginbotham Trust and Re-1j Foundation to strengthen our educational opportunities for students in Holyoke.