Honor Band 2017

The high school and junior high students recently tried out for honor band, and on Monday, they found out who got accepted. The students that were accepted from the high school band were, Lali Marquez, Kylie Purkeypile, Rylee Schneller, Haley Van Overbeke, Julia Pagalo, Jacky Mosqueda, Isaac Strauss, Michael Rascon, Chloie Metzger, Emali Torres, Tate Dille, Peter Betley, Trey Bennett, and Keegan Shaw. The junior high kids that were accepted are Alma Alejandre, Jimena Nunez, Diego Jimenez, Elise Krogmeier, Marco Mendoza, Isaiah Rahe, Mason Vernon, Miles Sprague, Kenneth Lindholm, Miranda Schroetlin, and Juan Diaz. The honor band performance will take place on January 23rd in Holyoke.