Cade Killin-Student of the Month

Cade Killin received November Student of the Month after being nominated by Mrs. Nelson. Mrs. Nelson said, “He has almost 100% in my Computers 8 class and has never had lower than an A in 40+ assignments. He strives for excellence in everything he does. He is kind to everyone and is willing to help out those that need help. If finished with an assignment early, you will see him working to improve his typing abilities by practicing instead of "messing around". Cade is friendly and respectful to all of his classmates and teachers. Cade helps set a positive environment and is a model student that others should strive to emulate. I appreciate him so much.” Everyone can agree that this describes Cade quite well. He definitely deserved this award, and it definitely shows that he put in the work for it. Congratulations Cade!