Visible Learning

Teachers and administrators from Holyoke Schools have been attending classes about Visible Learning on staff in-service days. Now, teachers have begun training students about the characteristics that students must develop to become visible learners. Part of the visible learning process is expecting students to understand what they are leaning, why they are learning it, and then being able to identify and explain the target goal.  Finally, students self-evaluate their own work and identify next steps in their learning progression.  

Visible learning and teaching are based upon the research of John Hattie who has identified specific strategies that have the highest impact on student growth and academic achievement. Training for staff and students will continue across Northeast Colorado with ongoing professional development through 2019.

In a series of upcoming articles, students from each grade level will be asked to explain Visible Learning Strategies in their own words. Today select students from Mrs. Rigel’s sixth grade class shared some of Visible Learning strategies:

“Never give up! When you find that something does not work, instead of giving up you should try a different strategy. Start by setting small goals for yourself and when you get there then set a new goal until you’ve accomplished the big goals.” Edel Ramos
“Effort matters because if you don’t put in very much effort the results will be poor. If you put effort into everything you do then you will succeed and reach your goals.” Caiden Kruger
“Be willing to explore your choices and go out of your comfort zone to learn more.” Andrea Marquez
“To reach your goal you must not quit. When things get hard know that we grow from our challenges.” Wyatt Sprague
“Learn from your mistakes and try again. Mistakes are like stairs to learning. If you fall down get back up and try again.” Xavier Morales 

Visible Learners Poster