Holyoke Elementary Newsletter

Highlights from the Holyoke Elementary Newsletter 

Important Dates!

Feb. 5th—Teacher In-Service—NO SCHOOL

Feb. 9th—Gifted & Talented Ultimate Celebration @ NJC—All Day

Feb. 26th—Teacher In-Service—NO SCHOOL

Feb. 26th—Gifted and Talented Family Night—HS Auditorium @ 7 pm

Feb. 27th—ELL Parent Night—Holyoke Elementary School @ 6 pm

Feb. 27-March 2 Read Across America Week 

March 5th—Elementary P/T Conferences @ 4 pm

March 6th—Elementary P/T Conference @ 4 pm

March 5th-8th—Elementary Book Fair @ 4 pm

March 9th—NO SCHOOL

March 12th-16th—NO SCHOOL—Spring Break!!!

March 30th—NO SCHOOL

April 2nd—NO SCHOOL

Grading/ Assessment System Opt Out Form

While the Holyoke School District strongly encourages all students to participate in state mandated tests, the state legislature requires districts to have an opt out process.  If you wish to opt your student out, you MUST complete the form and submit it to the District Administration Office, 435 South Morlan Ave, Holyoke, Co 80734, by March 8th no later than 4:00 PM.  All building attendance policies still apply to your student during testing windows.  Student may be excused from school by parents in accordance to policy JH.

You may pick up a Grading/ Assessment System Opt Out Form at the Holyoke Elementary Office at any time between 8 AM and 4 PM starting Jan. 29th and ending March 8th.  Forms must be completed and returned to the District Administration Office no later than 4:00 PM on March 8th. 

Don’t Forget!!!

If you  have changed your physical address, your home phone number or your cell phone number please notify the elementary office so we can change these items in our student management system.  We often call parents when their child is sick or hurt and it is very important to have updated contact information for parents during these times.  We will also be mailing state assessment results as well as P/T Conference information to parents and having current mailing address for students helps ensure that everyone receives their information in a timely manner. 

New Address—New Contact Numbers—Please Notify The Holyoke Elementary Office!!!

  Box Top Challenge!!!

Classes are holding challenges to determine who can bring the most box tops to school.  Please send all box tops to school with your child and don’t forget to trim around the dotted lines and avoid cutting off expiration date.  Typically the box tops earn the Holyoke Elementary School $700 a year that is then spent on field trips, celebrations and rewards for all K-6th students throughout the school year.  We will hold our grade level challenge between Feb. 1st through Feb. 28th, 2018.


The Holyoke Book Fair will run from March 5th through March 8th.  Stop by after parent teacher conferences or any time between 3:45 pm and 5 pm the week of March 5th through March 8th.


Safer Students. Safer School.


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