Elementary Brain Bowl

Twenty-eight Holyoke Elementary students proudly represented our community at the Annual Sunrise Optimist Club's annual Brain Bowl tournament in Fort Morgan on Saturday February 3. Sporting their Holyoke team shirts, students buzzed in to answer questions about math, science, literature, government, current events, athletics and trivia in completion with other teams from across Northeast Colorado. Of the forty teams in the competition, Holyoke was represented by 5 teams with five or six students per team.

In the third and fourth grade divisions the Holyoke A and B teams each scored 59 points to tie for seventh place out of eighteen teams. In the fifth-sixth grade division, of 22 teams, the Holyoke B team was in fourth place with 64 points, Holyoke C team finished in sixth place with 61 points and the Holyoke A team finished in twelfth place with 47 points. 

Students were chosen to participate on the team based upon a general knowledge assessment. Volunteer coaches for the Brain Bowl teams were teachers Laura Loutensock, Carly Daniel, Melanie Wheeler and Jade Goldenstien. Parent volunteer Emma Mackay also helped at the competition.

Holyoke students were excellent representatives of their school and community by displaying good sportsmanship and respect. A crowd mostly made up of parents, teachers and came to cheer on the students who have been preparing for the completion for the last few months. 

Team A   5/6 Grades

Carter Van Overbeke 6

Matthew Murray 5

Dahira Castillo 5

Caiden Kruger 6

Isaiah Rueter 6

Nicole Schlachter  5

Adult:  Melanie Wheeler

Team A  3/4 Grades

Jacob Quintana 3

Lily Miller 3

Mason Sprague 4

Callum Mackay 4

Cozner Ring 4

Adult:  Emma Mackay 

Team B   5/6th Grades

Sawyer Sigler 5

Wyatt Sprague 6

Andrea Marquez 6

Anna Hayes 6

Adison Goldenstein 6

Ben Kleve 5

Adult:  Jade Goldenstein 

Team B  3/4 Grades

Brett Schroetlin 3

Sophia Rahe 3

Rorey Schneller 3

Colby Weber 4

Teagan Martin 4

Esteban Rojas 4

Adult:  Carly Daniel  

Team C   5/6 Grades

Joseph Schroetlin 6

Leah Struckmeyer 5

Peyton Marlow 5

Tayla Martin  6

Edel Ramos 6

Adult:  Laura Loutensock