School to Host Season B Events

Season "B" started off Tuesday night with the Basketball teams traveling to Perkins County. Get ready for the return of Dragon Athletics to Holyoke this weekend. The wrestling team will host a triangular dual here tonight with Akron/Merino and Burlington and the basketball teams will face off against Otis on Friday and Brush on Saturday. Here is what to expect for the fans who will attend in person or virtually. 

Holyoke Dragon Athletics Game Day Protocols


Fans are encouraged to arrive at Holyoke JR/SR High School via Gordon St. There is a dirt parking lot on the corner of Gordon St. and High School Ave. where guests may park. Please do not park on the south side of Gordon St. near the Old Gym Entrance or the north doors to the High School so the visiting school will have a place to park its bus. 


  • The doors will open 15 minutes prior to the tipoff of the first game. All guests will enter through the Junior High School Doors on the Northwest side of the school. The fee for the game will be $3 per game unless you have paid $6 total per attendee. You must be on the gate list to gain admittance. Masks must be worn the entire time you are in the building. 

  • There will be 2 fans per athlete and your name must be on the gate list prior to your arrival. 

  • Home guests follow the signs to the east entrance to the Old Gym. They will socially distance in the southern two sections (opposite the Holyoke team).

  • Visiting guests will enter the Old Gym by the west door and they will socially distance in the northern two sections (opposite their team).

Restrooms and Amenities

  • Home fans will use the restroom in the JH area on the west side of the school. 

  • Visiting fans will use the restroom in the Old Gym on the north side (white doors).

  • Due to the smaller size of the Old Gym, please try and limit fan movement to between quarters and timeouts. 

  • There will be no concessions offered at the event.

End of Game and Cleaning

At the end of the game, all fans will exit through the north exit (white doors). Those fans who have a son or daughter playing in a subsequent game / match should re-enter through the Junior High School doors as they did before. You will pay again but never more than $6 per attendee. The entire gym will be cleaned with a fog then warmup will be allowed and fans will be allowed back in the gym once the cleaning has finished. 

Other items

  • No one fan will pay more than $6 for any one event

  • You have to be on the gate list to enter

  • All games will be on the Holyoke YouTube Channel 

  • Game order for Basketball will be JVG, JVB, VG, VB 

  • Please follow all directions. 

  • Remember this events are for the student athletes