FLBA Members Qualify for State at District Meeting

Members of the Holyoke Chapter of FBLA traveled to NJC on Wednesday, February 7 for District competition.  Thirty-three of the 44 Holyoke members competed  in several events against schools from Caliche, Fleming, Haxtun, Julesburg, Peetz, Sterling, Revere, Weldon Valley, and Wray.  They also attended workshops including Banking 101 and “State Your Purpose”, presented by keynote speaker Zach Mercurio.  


Top ten places were awarded to the following students:


Shianne Willmon 8th Accounting

Slaten Burris 6th Accounting; 3rd Entertainment and Sports Management

Emma Roll 3rd Advertising; 2nd Agribusiness

Jair Jimenez 1st Advertising; 1st Business Communication

Tyler Lamm 6th Business Communication

Tori Hatton 5th Business Law

Mariah Pell 4th Business Law

Brandon Nevarez 3rd Business Law; 5th Cyber Security

Luke Krogmeier 1st Business Law; 1st Economics

Alexis Vega 9th Organizational Leadership; 3rd Sports and Entertainment Management

Jackie Valenzuela 6th Organizational Leadership; 1st E-Business

Kyra Loutensock 10th Healtcare Administration; 5th Personal Finance

Alec Sprague 5th Introduction to Business

Brenna Gatton 2nd Intro to Business Communication

Ashley Aranda 4th Intro to Business Procedures

Michael Pell 3rd Intro to Business Procedures

Sarah Razo 9th Introduction to Financial Math

Joe Beckner 3rd Introduction to Financial Math

Rylee Schneller 8th Journalism 1st Graphic Design

Amy Mackay 7th Journalism; 1st Graphic Design

Grace Dille 3rd Social Media Campaign

Tate Dille 3rd Social Media Campaign

Ashley Rahe 3rd Social Media Campaign

Lali Marquiz 1st E-Business

Emily Trejo 1st E-Business

Kylie Purkeypile 7th Impromptu Speaking

Bailey Hamaker 5th Job Interview


Those qualifying to go to State FBLA in Vail April 19-21 include:

Slaten Burris, Jair Jimenez, Emma Roll, Mariah Pell, Brandon Nevarez, Luke Krogmeier, Alexis Vega, Brenna Gatton, Ashley Aranda, ,Michael Pell, Joe Beckner, Rylee Schneller, Amy Mackay, Jackie Valenzuela, Emily Trejo, Lali Marquez, Grace Dille, Tate Dille, and Ashley Rahe. 


In addition, the following students pre-qualified through chapter events:  Kaylee Camblin, Savannah Burris, Tyler Lamm, Regan Van Overbeke, Haley Van Overbeke, Anna Jelden, Mackenzie Golden, Tori Hatton, Josie Herman, Shianne Willmon, Emily Jelden, Bailey Hamaker, Jarrett Woodhead, and Kylie Purkeypile.