FBLA T-Shirt Day

Forty-six Future Business Leaders of America from Holyoke High School attended District 4 Awards February 4 to find out who would qualify for State FBLA competition.

The day began at 9 a.m. with opening ceremonies conducted by State Officer Tanley Andersen from Haxtun, Colorado.  Keynote speaker Aric Jackson motivated the members with his encouragement to live well and lead boldly. 

Two Holyoke members, Kylie Purkeypile, Colorado State Vice President of Education, and Jimena Nunez, District 4 Officer, conducted workshops and helped announce winners of events.

Students qualifying for State FBLA in April include: 

1st Place Winners:

              Ethan Schneller, Accounting I

              Cade Killin, Business Law

              Cade Killin, Business Calculations

              Johny Quintana, Business Communications

              Aleida Millan, Computer Applications

              Aleida Millan, Intro. to Business Presentation

              Erin Andersen, Graphic Design

              Adison Goldenstein, Graphic Design

              Clover Adler, Word Processing

              Jadon Frost, Introduction to Business Procedures

              Gage Sprague, Cyber Security

2nd Place Winners:

              Correy Koellner, Advertising

              Savannah Vermeulen, Business Law

              Stephen Murray, Computer Applications

              Kylie Purkeypile, Public Speaking

              Erin Andersen, Word Processing

3rd Place Winners:

              EV Vasquez, Advertising

              Alec Sprague, Business Law

              Levi Ford, Computer Problem Solving

              Gage Sprague, Digital Video Production

              EV Vasquez, Digital Video Production

              Kyrah McConachie, Graphic Design

              Piper McConachie, Graphic Design

              Daniela Fierro, Graphic Design

              Kyrah McConachie, Intro to Business Communication

              Cash Weber, Intro to Business Procedures

              Levi Ford, Journalism

              Correy Koellner, Political Science

              Summer Martin, Word Processing

4th Place Winners:

              Aaron Sierra, Accounting I

              Cooper Goldenstein, Computer Applications

              Rachel Krueger, Computer Problem Solving

              Elyce Talavera, Economics

              Hannah Lindholm, Intro to Business Presentation

              Luke Sprague, Intro to Business Presentation

In addition to those qualifying at Districts, the following members prequalified in a chapter project:


Partnership with Business:  Diego Jimenez, Kailar Hayes, and Kenneth Lindholm

American Enterprise:  Joey Beckner, Lauren Herman, and Kristin Vieselmeyer

Community Service Project:  Ethan Schneller, Tayla Martin, and Katelyn Kropp

Local Chapter Annual Business Report:  Kylie Purkeypile, Audrey Talavera, and Tamara Penzing