Holyoke Elementary Dragon Mindset

As a part of the Holyoke emphases on Visible Learning Strategies our Elementary Students will recite the Dragon Mindset Pledge each morning. Students volunteers Tayla Martin, Wyatt Sprague and Adison Goldenstein will lead the student body in the Pledge of Allegiance and the Mindset Pledge this  week.

Holyoke Dragon Mindset Pledge

Every day I will try my best.
I will not quit. I will not rest.
Until my brain has grown a bit
and I have learned how to do it.
If I fail I will be OK.
I will just try a different way.
I will say I just can’t do it yet
because I have a Holyoke Dragon Mindset.

Elementary Staff defined our criteria for Visible Learners:

Holyoke Elementary Characteristics of Visible Learners  

  • Learn from mistakes It’s okay to make mistakes; fix it, learn from it, move on; be resilient 
  • Evaluate work based on success criteria Know and meet the expectations; honestly ask, “How can I make it better?” 
  • Ask questions and accept challenges Be involved, ask questions and take risks
  •  Receive and respond to feedback Respect it, learn from it, and use it with a positive attitude Never give up “I can’t do it...YET;” problem-solve
  •  Effort matters Be positive; “I won’t learn if I don’t try.” 
  • Reach goals Set, achieve, record, and celebrate goals (AND Repeat)
  •  State what I am learning Understand the “I can statements, know your “what,” “why,” and how to apply.