Dragon Dollar

The staff at the Holyoke Junior/Senior High is always looking for ways to encourage and reward students for positive behavior.  This year we are developing a Dragon Dollar Store.  Students earn Dragon Dollars for behavior above and beyond the expectations set forth in our student handbook.  Students get Dragon Dollars for behaviors that are above and beyond Dragon R.I.S.E.  (Respect and Responsibility, Integrity, Safety, and Excellence).   As students earn these special dollars, they will be able to spend them in our new Dragon Store.  The PBIS committee is reaching out to community members and local businesses to see if you might be willing to sponsor items for our store or even donate things you have with your business name on them.  Uplifting our students and rewarding excellent behavior is one way we can all ensure our students become the self-confident and caring people we hope they will be.  

Please contact Charlee Kleve at klevech@hcosd.org or call (970) 854-2284