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The Holyoke School District will officially stop paying for internet effective May 30th for those families that needed some additional help during COVID.  PC Telcom is part of a government program that can offer internet to any family for a $50 credit per month.  Their base packet will cost $60 a month so families that we have been paying everything will need to pay $10 a month to maintain what they currently have.  Families will need to set up a personal account with PC Telcom so they can claim the individual $50 credit.  This program will last until all of the funds have been depleted throughout the US.  It may last sixty days, six months, or 16 months, we just don't know until the program officially starts May 12th.  If they run out of funds in six months PC Telcom can work with the families and district as needed if the district starts paying for the internet again.

The district would also like to ask for all of the Hot Spots to be returned to the school district office by June 1st as well so we are consistent with all families.  There will be considerations made for families in the fall who still may need Internet at home for school.  Questions should be directed to the district office.