The Cast of Clue

On Friday, November 19th, and Saturday, November 20th, Holyoke High School put on the play Clue for the Holyoke community. After months of preparation, the cast and crew put on an amazing performance. The cast consisted of students Tristen Ferguson as Colonel Mustard, Kailer Hayes as Wadsworths, Kenneth Lindholm as Mr. Green, Maximilian Kleve as Professor Plum, Benjamin Kleve as Mr. Boddy, Isaiah Rueter as the Cook, Elly Brown as the Singing Telegram Girl, Hannah Lindholm as Mrs. White, Eleanor Kleve as the “Broken Down Car” Police, Eva Kramer as Chief of Police, Alma Alejandre as Yvette, Fatime Nunez as Auxiliary Miss Scarlet and Understudy Miss Scarlet, Jimena Nunez as Miss Scarlet, Josephine Schlacter as Mrs. Peacock, Charlotte Kramer as Auxiliary Mustard and Understudy Mrs. White, Linda Esser as Back-Up Cop, Daniela Fierro as the Motorist, Brisi Beltran as Cat 1 and Understudy Mrs. Peacock, and Tristan Hochstine as Cat 2 and Understudy Professor Plum. Directing the play was Micah Mehl, a history teacher at Holyoke High School. Before the play took place, HHS held a dinner for any patrons who wanted to take part in the meal before enjoying the play. FCCLA, led by teacher Karen Ortner, supplied the dinner; the meal itself consisted of green beans, rolls, roast beef, and mashed potatoes.