6B Class on Twosday

Numbers can be fun and creating something fun with the date can be equally as fun. For example, many people celebrate Pie Day on March 14 each year because March is the 3rd month and the 14th day written out as numerals gives the first three digits of pi (3.14). With the play on numbers and words people eat a lot of pie and calculate the circumference of that pie with pi. 

Twoday is no exception to word play and number play at the same time. (See what I did there?) This is the 22nd day of February in the year 2022 and in just happens to fall on a Tuesday.  This is a once in a life time occurrence. 

Just a little Internet research shows that this same date in 1822 was a Friday, in 1922 was a Wednesday, in 2122 will be a Sunday and on a day when it would all be 2's, 2/22/2222 will be a Friday.  So enjoy the rest of twoday (I did it again) because by the time it happens again hundreds of years from now, no one will remember that I even wrote this article. This is even more rare than the solar eclipse that we witnessed a few years ago.

This day is special because it is all 2's. This is also not the only day this month that was all 2's. Groundhog's Day. 2/2/22. We were too (I used the right one this time) busy trying to figure out if Phill was going to see his shadow to notice the awesomeness of the date on that Wednesday.  Both of these dates are also special because they are palindromes. That means the number is the same written forwards and backwards. 

However, twoday is not the only palindrome the rest of the month 2/21/22 - 2/28/22 are all palindromes. You can enjoy a palindrome everyday until you can't. 

Students and teachers at the Elementary School celebrated Two-Two Twosday a number of ways. Some of their pictures are attached in this article. 

As far as word play don't worry, May 4th will always be Star Wars Day.