Hats off to reading

Wednesday, March 2nd is Dr. Seuss's birthday. To celebrate the birthday of this beloved author and to inspire in students a love of reading and encourage all students to read, we will be celebrating Hats Off to Reading Week. We have several special events planned throughout the week, and hope all our students will be anxious to participate and join in the fun. Following is a list of special activities planned for February 28 - March 3.

Monday, February 28: Hats Off to Readying Day

All students are encouraged to wear hast to school. The Cat in the Hat will be at the front door to greet all students as they arrive in the morning.

Tuesday, March 1: Crazy Mixed Up Day

All Students are encouraged to wear crazy, colorful, or mismatched clothing.

Wednesday, March 2: Happy Birthday Dr. Seuss

Students may wear their pajamas to school. (Please make sure that pajamas worn are school appropriate and meet school dress code guidelines.) Students may also bring a pillow and/or blanket for the read-in we will have at the end of the day.

Thursday, March 3: 100th Day

Individual classrooms may have special things planned on this day, so you may be hearing from your child's teacher on special activities to celebrate the 100th day of school.

We will have other activities going on as well, and individual classrooms may have some additional things planned. Please check with your child's classroom teacher if you have questions about the specific things that may be happening in the classroom. 

Throughout the entire week and the rest of the the month of March, we encourage you take additional time to have fun reading with your children at home. We want this to be a special time to encourages all students to read, read, read, both in and out of school.

Happy Reading and Happy Hats Off to Reading Week!