February Student of the Month

The Holyoke Jr/Sr High school positive behavior and intervention supports team met recently to consider nominations for student of the month for February.  This program receives continued support from the Holyoke Chamber of Commerce. Those students who were selected are...

JH Student - Candy Liu

Candy was nominated by Mr. French. Candy deserves student of the month because of her dedication to excellence. She is always respectful of both her teachers and classmates and she is always ready to learn. Candy has gone above and beyond in seeking out additional challenges and review materials to make sure she will do her very best on tests and assignments. Her tireless hard work and dedication to being the best she can be are a great example to her fellow students.

HS Student - Max Kleve

Max was nominated by Mr. Cottam. Even though Max was unable to play basketball due to an injury, he chose to support the teams by being a manager and was at every game (or nearly every game).  While there, he was the loudest person cheering on our teams and never against the visiting teams.  He worked very hard to get the crowd involved and hyped for our successes.  While managing he was always at the ready with music, water, and other needed supplies for coaches and teammates and he did this with a smile.  Other schools even commented on how he was a positive influence for our crowd.

Max is also willing to help others when he can.  I have often asked for help and he has given his time and muscle as needed.  I know he does this with other teachers as well.  On difficult days, he often goes out of his way to check on students.  He is always willing to sit with students who are struggling and provides many students the boost and support they need.