FBLA Encourages People to Shop Local

              You may have seen these posters displayed in businesses throughout our community.  Our local FBLA chapter, headed by members Jimena Nunez, Hannah Lindholm, and Fatima Nunez, have developed a program to help businesses in our community by encouraging people to purchase locally.

              In order to accomplish their goal, the chapter taught 5th and 6th graders and junior students that when they purchase locally their taxes go to support our community through education and improvements.  The junior high also had a writing competition about what American Enterprise means to them.

              FBLA’s other goal included direct support to business by creating “I Shop Local” stickers that would be given by local business when individuals purchase locally.  They also created posters for businesses to put in their windows that told “their story” with the purpose being to personalize each business. 

              Jimena, Hannah, and Fatima spoke about the Shop Local campaign at a Chamber of Commerce meeting.  Those businesses that are not a member of the Chamber of Commerce or those that were not at the meeting are encouraged to contact FBLA adviser, Lori Nelson, if they would like stickers or a poster made for their business.