April Student of the Month

High School: Karlie Martin

Karlie embodies what it means to be a Holyoke Dragon. She has a heart of gold and is willing to go out of her way for anyone. Karlie has a smile for everyone and holds out a helping hand to those to need it. Karlie is the first one to raise her hand when I say I need help with something. I have seen her do this for other staff members too. She is also not afraid to help guide her friends and classmates to make "good decisions." She is a guiding light for all of those who come in contact with her.

Junior High: Elbin Padilla

Elbin has demonstrated outstanding abilities in Mathematics this past year. Whenever I give challenging problems in class, he would be the only student, who would quietly work until he got the answer right. While most students get frustrated as they struggled, he perseveres because he knows that challenge is an essential skill to succeed. But this is not Elbin's most impressive trait, it's his exemplary character. He is helpful, respectful and humble in and out of class.