Holyoke Tuesday Intern Spotlight

Through the Holyoke Homegrown Talent Initiative students get the opportunity to explore career choices outside of the traditional classroom. This ten part series will spotlight ten junior and senior interns who leave the traditional for more than one class period a day and learn what life will be like once they hit the work force. Look for more Holyoke Tuesday Intern Spotlights each Tuesday at Noon.

Meet Max Kleve

Max spends two hours a day at the Physical Therapy Department at Melissa Memorial Hospital.
What have
you learned?
"I have bought clothes which are appropriate in a professional setting to change into. I do this in order to make myself seem more professional and presentable for patients. I have to maintain HIPPA and not share anything specific that I do at my internship. Which is a form of being professional. Also, I have to maintain composures in order to keep a professional attitude, which allows me to be successful, maintain good communication with my supervisor Scott, in letting him know if a am not going to be present at my internship."
"I have learned a lot about being a physical therapist. I have [learned how] physical therapists deal with pain management more and less with injury recovery. This is interesting to me and may change my mind about becoming a physical therapist. It might also help me decide if I want to be a sports therapist specifically."

A huge thank you to Melissa Memorial Hospital for allowing this partnership to happen and our students to learn and grow. 

To view a collection of all the spotlighted interns and the business that support them please the Homegrown Talent Initiative Page on www.hcosd.org.