Holyoke Tuesday Intern Spotlight

Through the Holyoke Homegrown Talent Initiative students get the opportunity to explore career choices outside of the traditional classroom. This ten part series will spotlight ten junior and senior interns who leave the traditional for more than one class period a day and learn what life will be like once they hit the work force. Look for more Holyoke Tuesday Intern Spotlights each Tuesday at Noon.

Meet Elizabeth Sheppard-Hein

Internship HighlightsLiz spends half of her day interning with in two different places. In the morning she works at a daycare, Kidz Alley, and then in the afternoon she works at Dragons Wagon Preschool.
What have you learned?"My experience at both places has been amazing. I am forming bonds and connections with people I never would have thought I would even know. Getting to see the kids grow and learn new things as a result of your help is one of the best things I have ever done. I have gained a relationship with a little boy who doesn't talk, but we have our own way of communication with each other. He is the highlight of my day. He keeps me on my toes but I love that kid with all of my heart."
Career ExplorationDifferent ways of communicating with mainly nonverbal children and children who speak another language.
Opening a daycare doesn't require a college degree but it does require licensing if you have more than four children in your care. Getting licensed takes about six months to complete.
Alternative ways to get kids to clean up after themselves.

A huge thank you to Dragon's Wagon Preschool and Kidz Alley for allowing this partnership to happen and our students to learn and grow. 

To view a collection of all the spotlighted interns and the business that support them please the Homegrown Talent Initiative Page on www.hcosd.org.