Holyoke Tuesday Intern Spotlight

Through the Holyoke Homegrown Talent Initiative students get the opportunity to explore career choices outside of the traditional classroom. This ten part series will spotlight ten junior and senior interns who leave the traditional for more than one class period a day and learn what life will be like once they hit the work force. Look for more Holyoke Tuesday Intern Spotlights each Tuesday at Noon.

Meet Aspyn Kinnie

Internship HighlightsAspyn gets to spend three class periods a day interning at Veronica's Hair and Nail Salon.

What have you learned?

  • I fold towels for her when she has towels to be folded because people don't always think about that part of a cosmetology career.
  • She took me to the room where she mixes the colors together to make all the different colors because all her clients have different things they need in their hair.
  • I have watched someone be given botox. It was something I didn't expect at all but it was pretty cool.
  • They opened a boutique and I helped put stuff together and dress the mannequins.
  • She has shown me to to take gel off nails and to apply the gel.
  • I have watched her do men's hair which seems a lot easier and men aren't as picky as women are.
  • Her coffee maker wasn't working so I talked to the guy on the phone and asked about it. He asked some questions and Veronica helped me answer them and now they are sending her an all new coffee maker.
  • When she is doing the client's hair or nails she has to go to the register and check them out. She showed me how to do it and will let me do this again.

A huge thank you to Veronica's Hair and Nail Salon for allowing this partnership to happen and our students to learn and grow. 

To view a collection of all the spotlighted interns and the business that support them please the Homegrown Talent Initiative Page on www.hcosd.org.