November Students of the Month

Junior High - Illario Turcios Espinal: 

Nominated by Amanda Brown: When I think of students that other students can be inspired by, I definitely think of Ilario. [He] displays positive attributes in every aspect that I feel is important as a student and as a human being, including ethics, good grades, kindness, respect, responsibility, and more. He displays leadership and kindness to his peers at incredibly high levels. He also shows respect and honor for the adult leaders around him. I have seen Ilario help other students on multiple occasions. He is someone we all can trust to do what is right and lead others to do the same.

High School - Rodrigo Zarate:

 Nominated by Kali Hines: Rodrigo exhibits RISE behavior by working hard, asking questions, and being polite. He consistently puts in 100% effort during class and asks questions when unsure about a topic or the instructions. He is always polite and even lets people (including myself) go in front of him in the lunch line. Rodrigo is a great student and person and I really enjoy having him in class.