On Thursday October 5, the Holyoke Select Choir members that are starring in the upcoming play “Spamalot” had the pleasure of going to the DU campus and performing for Great Education Colorado. Great Education Colorado is an organization that raises money for programs in rural areas. Around 400 students were there performing that day. The Holyoke Select Choir decided to sing one of their favorites from their upcoming production, the song “Find your Grail.” The students in attendance were Anna Jelden, Tica Penzing, Lali Marquez, Jackie and Jessie Mosqueda, Savannah Burris, Brenna Gatton, Tyler Lamm, and Luke Krogmeier (not pictured). Teacher sponsors were Mrs. Dalton and Mr. Kramer. Everyone had an amazing time and was honored to have the privilege of going. When asked if they would do it again, they said yes!